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It takes a long time to gain the characteristics that make a community what it is. Geographical location and historical events together affect the community’s spirit and mentality; joy and sadness become the creators of common spiritual values.

For the peoples of the North Caucasus, the traditions shaped this way constitute a set of values that they are proud to keep alive and carry into the future.

Despite spending more than 150 years in the diaspora away from their homeland, the peoples of the North Caucasus have never forgotten their past and traditions. They have succeeded in keeping their social memories alive, thanks to the institutions that they have established, such as foundations and associations.

Shamil Education and Culture Foundation is one of these institutions. Adopting the principle of working effectively and efficiently in education, culture, and art, the Foundation has become a legal entity with announcement No. 16244 published in the Official Gazette on March 30th, 1978. Its goal is stated in the provision as “to ensure the mental and physical development of young people and adults of all ages, and to enrich their experiences”. Our Foundation is essentially a charitable organization, and it supports the development of qualified people and strives to lay the groundwork for this.

Since 1982, our Foundation has been uninterruptedly contributing to the preparation of young people for the future with the scholarships for thousands of university students and the free educational programs organized in cooperation with universities. It makes us proud to see those young people whose education we supported with our scholarships serve as adults in all segments of society today.

The Foundation contributes to the cultural life of our community with the talks and seminars it organizes in the fields of history, culture, and art, hosting the most qualified people in their areas as speakers and a large number of audiences of all ages.

The library of the Foundation has over 5000 books, maps, and documents about the history, culture, and geography of the North Caucasus and Anatolia, benefitted by numerous researchers, academicians, and students from Turkey and abroad.

Since its establishment, Shamil Education and Culture Foundation has attended numerous national and international conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, and events about the history, traditional clothes, and handicrafts of the North Caucasus.

In addition to all these activities, the Foundation organizes annual art contests intending to contribute to the cultural solidarity of our community, bringing artists of all ages to the international platforms and uniting them with art lovers.