Competition Rules And Specifications


This year, the art competition organized by ŞAMİL EDUCATION and CULTURE FOUNDATION (the Foundation) aims to bring together mythology, one of the most important riches of the world culture, with today’s technology.

The Nart Mythology is a cultural heritage that has been carried from centuries ago by the autochthonous peoples of the North Caucasus. NART MYTHOLOGY DIGITAL ART COMPETITION (the Competition) aims to introduce this treasured heritage to today’s world.

The term Nart Mythology is the common name for the collection of myths belonging to the kindred peoples living in the North Caucasus. Some of them are very similar to each other, and some of them have different motifs. The Competition offers artists and art lovers the opportunity to learn about the Nart Mythology and the autochthonous peoples that created it.



The subject of the Competition has been determined as the illustration of the characters mentioned in the Nart Mythology as depicted in the stories in which these characters are narrated.

Contestants are expected to be knowledgeable about the subject through the reference publications listed by the Foundation in social media announcements or other similar published material on the subject.

The narration of the heroes or events in the Nart Mythology may differ among the peoples of the North Caucasus. Artworks submitted by Contestants can be based on the depictions in any mythologies belonging to the peoples of the North Caucasus. However, Contestants are expected to cite their source (book/article/document with the author’s name) they draw upon with a synopsis of a maximum of 100 words.


  1. Contestants must upload their artworks before December 23, 2022, 5 PM.
  2. Artworks placed first, second and third in the Competition will be determined by the majority of votes from the jury members.
  3. The Foundation will make a selection among artworks that passed the pre-selection phase and/or submitted to the Competition, excluding the ones awarded with the top three prizes.



  1. Prize-winning artworks and any artworks included in the Foundation’s selection are subject for use by the Foundation.
  2. On the grounds that the primary purpose of the Competition is to introduce Nart Mythology to the world, the Foundation may use prize-winning and selected artworks on different channels and platforms following the Competition (e.g., to organize physical and virtual exhibitions, to obtain their digital registrations/certifications with NFT (Fungible Token/Non-Changeable Token), and to have them printed on playing cards, clothing products, books, and similar products, and as content in digital games, and for similar purposes).
  3. In case an artwork is sold as NFT, or in print, the Foundation and the creator of such artwork will share the income from the FIRST SALE at a rate of 60 – 40% (after printing and platform costs are deducted). Similarly, the Foundation and the creator of such artwork will share any legal obligations, including taxes, invoices, payments, etc., arising from the related sale at the rate stated above.
  4. The Foundation has the right to use the photographs of artworks submitted to the Competition in any written and printed promotional materials without being subject to copyright liability.
  5. Artworks that pass the pre-selection phase may be featured in digital catalogs to be published by the Foundation.



  1. The Competition is an international competition, and anyone over 16 may participate.
  2. Foundation members may also participate in the Competition, provided that any financial award that they win will be recorded as income to the Foundation in full.
  3. Contestants must submit original artworks. If an artwork is determined to be plagiarized, it will not be considered, and any responsibility stemming from such action will belong to the relevant Contestant.
  4. Artworks submitted to the Competition must not have received any awards in any competition before.
  5. Contestants may submit a maximum of 2 artworks to the Competition.
  6. In the event that more than one person participates in the Competition by submitting a single collaborative work, one of them must be designated as the group representative. In case a group of people wins a prize for a collaborative work, the entire prize will be awarded to the group without multiplying it by the number of individuals in the group.
  7. By submitting their artworks to the Competition, Contestants are deemed to have accepted the provisions of this Specifications Document.



1st Prize: 20,000.00

2nd Prize: 12,000.00

3rd Prize: 8,000.00

Honorable Mention Awards: Creators of the 3 artworks selected by the jury, excluding the top prize winners, will be awarded with the WACOM Intous Comfort Plus Medium CTL 6100-B graphics tablet.


  1. Artworks that will participate in the Competition must be created using digital techniques. Any artwork created with traditional methods will not be considered.
  2. Artworks must be in color.
  3. Artworks must be submitted digitally by uploading to the relevant link in the online application form. Submitted files must be in tiff or jpeg (RGB) formats and at least 3500 x 4900 pixels and 72 dpi.
  4. Contestants entering the Competition with more than one artwork must apply separately for each.
  5. When submitting their artwork, Contestants must provide a brief Resume (maximum 100 words, in English as text, not in chronological order) and their contact information (phone number (mobile or landline)/e-mail address/physical address) in the online application form.
  6. Artworks and any required information and documents must be submitted (uploaded) no later than December 23, 2022, 5 PM. Submissions completed after this date and time will not be considered. 


Deadline for the Competition: December 23, 2022

Announcement of the Competition Results: January 30, 2023

The Competition results will be announced from our social media accounts and via e-mails to be sent to Contestants.


  1. Bager Akbay – Artist, Lecturer
  2. Burak Yetgin – Graphic Artist, Illustrator
  3. Denizhan Özer – Artist, Curator
  4. Ethem Onur Bilgiç – Graphic Artist, Illustrator
  5. Feride Binicioğlu – Painter
  6. Gökalp Gönen – Director, Animator
  7. Kürşad Karamahmutoğlu – Creative Director, Game Designer
  8. Sait Mingü – Painter
  9. Setenay Özbek – Painter, Writer, Producer
  10. Tunç Dindaş – Graphic Artist