Nart Mythology Digital Art Competition – 2022

This year, the art competition organized by ŞAMİL EDUCATION and CULTURE FOUNDATION (the Foundation) aims to bring together mythology, one of the most important riches of the world culture, with today’s technology.

The Nart Mythology is a cultural heritage that has been carried from centuries ago by the autochthonous peoples of the North Caucasus. NART MYTHOLOGY DIGITAL ART COMPETITION (the Competition) aims to introduce this treasured heritage to today’s world.

The term Nart Mythology is the common name for the collection of myths belonging to the kindred peoples living in the North Caucasus. Some of them are very similar to each other, and some of them have different motifs. The Competition offers artists and art lovers the opportunity to learn about the Nart Mythology and the autochthonous peoples that created it.