Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who can participate in the Competition?
    The Competition is an international competition, and anyone over the age of 16 can participate.
  2. How can I participate in the Competition?
    To participate in the Competition and submit your artwork, please go to the online application form, and then

    1. Fill in your details,
    2. Upload an image file of the artwork that will be submitted to the Competition using the Upload Digital Painting link, and
    3. Upload a digital copy of your receipt to the Upload Receipt link, showing that the entry fee (60.00 TL for participants from Turkey and 4.00 USD for participants from abroad) for each artwork submitted to the Competition has been paid.

    Please Note:

      • Artworks must be submitted digitally by uploading to the relevant link in the online application form. Submitted files must be in tiff or jpeg (RGB) formats and at least 3500 x 4900 pixels and 72 dpi.
      • When submitting their artwork, Contestants must provide a brief Resume (maximum 100 words, in English as text, not in chronological order) and their contact information (phone number (mobile or landline)/e-mail address/physical address) in the online application form.
      • Artworks and any required information and documents must be submitted (uploaded) no later than October 15, 2022, 5 PM. Submissions completed after this date and time will not be considered.
  1. What is the Subject of the Competition?
    The subject of the Competition has been determined as the illustration of the characters mentioned in the Nart Mythology as depicted in the stories in which these characters are narrated.

    Please Note:

      • Contestants are expected to be knowledgeable about the Subject of the Competition through the reference publications listed by the Foundation in social media announcements or other similar published material on the subject.
      • The narration of the heroes or events in the Nart Mythology may differ among the peoples of the North Caucasus. Artworks submitted by Contestants can be based on the depictions in any mythologies belonging to the peoples of the Northern Caucasus. However, Contestants are expected to cite their source (book/article/document with the author’s name) they draw upon with a synopsis of a maximum of 100 words.
  1. What is the deadline for submitting an artwork to the Competition?
    Artworks in digital format must be uploaded to the Upload Digital Painting link no later than October 15, 2022, 5 PM.
  1. How many artworks can a Contestant submit to the Competition?
    A Contestant may submit two artworks to the Competition.

    Please Note:

      • If a Contestant submits more than two artworks, the first two files they have uploaded will qualify for the Competition, and the other files will be disregarded.
      • If a Contestant submits more than two artworks, they must fill in separate application forms for both submissions.
  1. What are the size and formatting requirements?
    Artworks must be submitted digitally by uploading to the relevant link in the online application form. Submitted files must be in tiff or jpeg (RGB) formats, at least 3500 x 4900 pixels and 72 dpi.
  2. What technique should be used in artworks?
    Artworks that will participate in the Competition must be created using digital techniques. Artworks created with traditional methods will not be considered.
  3. Should artworks be in black and white or color?
    Artworks must be in color.
  4. What is the correct procedure to submit artworks?
    Artworks must be delivered digitally, and they must be submitted in tiff or jpeg (RGB) formats, and the size of the files should be between 1MB – 5MB.
  5. Can I enter the Competition with an artwork that has received an award in another competition before?
    Artworks submitted to the Competition must not have received any awards in any competition before.
  6. Should artworks entering the Competition be original?
    Contestants must submit original artworks. If an artwork is determined to be plagiarized, it will be disqualified, and any responsibility stemming from such action will belong to the relevant Contestant.
  7. Can artworks created by more than one person enter the Competition?
    Yes, they can; however, if such an artwork wins a prize, the entire prize will be awarded to the group of people who created it without multiplying it by the number of individuals in the group.
  8. Should artworks contain only the drawing of a character, or should they also include a background and scene design?
    Any character or characters in an artwork should be illustrated in a designed moment, together with a background and scene design. 
  9. Should the character have separate character design references (whole body, profile, etc.) in individual files?
    No, modeling is not required. It is sufficient to illustrate only the character or characters and to have a 2D (two-dimensional) drawing together with the background and scene design in the same artwork.
  10. Is the Anime Style mandatory, or can I use my unique style?
    No specific style is mandatory, and you can draw as you wish. However, your artwork must be original.
  11. Why do you require a participation fee?
    Despite the pandemic, the Foundation organized another Art Competition last year, and the selected artworks were sold in the subsequent exhibition, promoting the artists and helping them gain financial gain from their paintings. Similarly, this year we are planning a series of commercial activities where the selected artworks will be sold and used after the Competition. (Please see the Competition Rules and Specifications)

    Again, our primary goal in these activities is to promote the artists and help them make a financial gain from their artworks.

    As the Foundation, our financial expectation from these activities is limited to creating a small portion of the funds required to cover the cost of the future art competitions that we plan to organize annually, including the cost of the awards, exhibitions, advertisements, and similar activities.

    As a matter of fact, the participation fee, typically much higher in similar international competitions, is purposefully set to a nominal amount to reflect the value our Foundation places on art and artists and the reasons mentioned above.

    We appreciate your understanding about the matter and hope this year’s Competition will also be successful and enjoyed by the participants.

    Exception for participants residing in Abkhazia and the Russian Federation**
    We have been informed that artists living in Abkhazia and the Russian Federation are unable to pay their participation fees due to the current restrictions in international banking systems.

    For this reason, applications from the said regions may be submitted with a copy of an official document showing the place of residence (National ID, Passport, etc.) instead of a receipt showing the payment of the participation fee.

    Such applications will first be accepted as ‘temporary’. If the restrictions in the banking systems are lifted before the Competition deadline, which is 15 October 2022, the Participants will be requested to ‘pay the relevant fee to finalize their applications’.

    *   Updated on July 18, 2022
    ** Updated on July 18, 2022