Setenay Özbek is an international artist and writer. Themes of Setenay’s artworks are peace, migration, universe, nature and existence. She uses color as a narrative element on abstract expressionist paintings.

Setenay Özbek has held various art events which were individual and group exhibitions in several countries such as Germany, Spain, France, Britain, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, Belgium and Turkey. Her art works are featured in auction houses and art galleries, to be collected internationally within private art collections in Germany, France, Britain, Netherlands, and Turkey. One of her paintings is a part of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade Serbia since 2009. In 2006, she participated in the 238th Summer Exhibition of Royal Academy of Arts – London, England. Her paintings “Funfair” and “Harvest” were shortlisted among more than 9,000 artworks. In 2021 her paintings were added to the collection of State Museum of Oriental Art – North Caucasian Branch, Russia.

In 2007, she became a member of the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Marmara University, and at the same time worked as a consultant in the Department of Cinema and Television in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Between 2015 to 2019, she contributed to the art education of children in her workshop in Geriş Village, Bodrum, Turkey together with guest artists every Sunday. She supported children of ages 5 to 10. Together with other volunteers, she provided arts education and assistance with developmental reading, writing and creativity lessons.

During the same time, she started her community awareness project: “200 Women” (breast cancer awareness). In order to raise awareness regarding the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in Turkey, she created a platform for artists, patients, doctors and the ones who recovered. She uses the healing power and influence of art to increase consciousness and awareness, to spread knowledge among the public about the big threat of Breast Cancer for the women in Turkey and in the world.

While she has been working on her paintings and writing, she has also kept a steady presence in the movies, television and advertising industries as director, screenwriter and producer.

As a member of International PEN Association of Writers, and a member of International Association of Art (A.I.A.A), she continues her work in her workshop in Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey.


1979           Graduated from Erenköy Girls High School.
1983-1986  She studied with several instructors such as Prof. Sabri Berkel, Hülya Düzenli, Erkan Özdilek PhD, Ergül Özkutan in İstasyon Fine Arts Academy at Istanbul.
1987-1990  She studied with Prof. Ergin İnan at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting.
1990           Graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Performing Arts. Graduated ranking 2nd.



2009    Grand Prize Winner of the Bakraç Art Gallery 30th Year Art Contest. Istanbul, Turkey.
2009    5th Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art, “3rd Runner up with Best Contemporary Artwork”. Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


Short-Story Books:

2002    Gecenin Mavisi / Blue of the Night Gendaş Kültür Yayınları (Gendaş Cultural Publications)
2005    Hiç Kimse Bir Başkası Olamaz / No One Can Be Someone Else
Cadde Yayınları (Cadde Publications)



2021    Kaf Dağı’nın Ateşi – Büyük Sürgün / The Fire of Kaf Mountain – The Great Exile Kafdav Yayınları (Kafdav Publications)


A documentary about her:

2008    “Düşlerle Gelen / Brought by Dreams”, a documentary about Setenay Özbek. 
Türkiye Radyo Televizyon Kurumu – 2 (TRT-2) / Turkish Radio Television Corporation – 2 (TRT-2). Directed by İsmet Yazıcı.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2019    “Selection” Gallery Binyıl – Hamam Arts Hub HAH, Kuruçeşme, Istanbul, Turkey
2017    “Performance Artist” – International Ataşehir Municipality Festival,
Istanbul, Turkey
2017    “Selection” – Frankie Istanbul, Sofa Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
2016    “Imaginary Transformation” – Kent Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
2014     “Inner Reminiscences” – Anna Laudel Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2012    “Without Borders” – Anna Laudel Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2011    “Summer” – Fulya Terrace İnanlar Bureau, Istanbul, Turkey
2012    “Inner Reminiscences” – Berze Collectibles, Istanbul, Turkey
2011    Gallery Espas, Istanbul, Turkey
2010    TIGGES Rechtsanwälte, Düsseldorf, Germany
2010    Bakraç Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2009    International Art Studio “Radovan Trnavac Mica”, Valjevo, Serbia
2009    “Cosmos” – Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Suna Çokgür Ilıcak Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
2008    “Cosmos” – Austria Consulate General Culture Office, Palace Yeniköy, Istanbul, Turkey
2008    “Dedicated to the Moment” – Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    “Sincerity” – Gallery Artist, Istanbul,  Turkey
2007    “Inner Reminiscences” – Gallery A, Istanbul, Turkey
2006    6th Ankara Fine Arts Fair, Gallery Binyıl, Ankara, Turkey
2006    Türkiye İş Bankası Art Gallery, Izmir, Turkey
2005    Ankara Fine Arts Fair, Gallery X, Ankara, Turkey 
2005    Art Istanbul 2005, Gallery X, Istanbul, Turkey


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2021    Merqez Art Space, Bodrum Marina Yatch Club, Bodrum
2021    Contemporary Istanbul (Fall), Gallery Binyıl Parallel Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
2021    Artcontact İstanbul, Tabularasa Transnational Art, Istanbul, Turkey
2021    Contemporary Istanbul (Spring), Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul, Turkey
2020    Contemporary Istanbul, Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul, Turkey 
2019    Ramart Platform, Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
2019    “Global Views Istanbul”, Nişantaşı, Istanbul, Turkey   
2019    40 Artists, İstinye Park, Istanbul, Turkey
2018    “Blue and Green”, 20 Artists Exhibition, Alta Sanat, Bodrum, Turkey
2018    Merey Collection Exhibition, Tophane-i Amire, Tophane, İstanbul, Turkey
2017    Galleria Luz de la Vida, Malaga, Spain
2016    In Honor of Barış Manço, Beşiktaş Municipality Gallery, Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey
2014    “War, Exile, Life” – KAFDAV, Gallery Uray, Çankaya Municipality,
Ankara, Turkey
2013    “9 artist / 9 works”, Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Permanent Delegation of Turkey to the European Union, Brussels, Belgium
2013    “Free and 90, Republic Exhibition”, Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Turkey, Berlin, Germany
2011    Citibank A.Ş. and Gallery Espas, Citigold Select, Levent, Istanbul, Turkey
2011    K.T.O. Konya Karatay University 1st International Art, Culture, Science Days,
Konya, Turkey
2011    Izmir 1st International Art Biennale, Izmir, Turkey
2011    IROK Gallery, Horst, Netherlands
2010    “Power of Dynamism”, Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul, Turkey 
2010    “Wall for Peace–AFPIAAP”, Sanski, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
2010    “FEED_BACK” – Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, U.S.A.
2010    “Comparison of Tomorrow in Turkey”, Beşiktaş Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2010    4th International Sharm El Sheikh Fine Arts Forum, Egypt
2009    5th Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Uzbekistan
2009    “Republican Women”, Gallery Sevart, Istanbul, Turkey
2009    “Nature, Water, Love”, Group Exhibition Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul, Turkey 
2009    Arnavutköy Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 
2008    “85/85 Republic Exhibition”, The Marmara Art Gallery, Art&Life, Istanbul
2008    Contemporary Istanbul 08, Gallery Art&Life, Istanbul, Turkey 
2008    “October Passage VII”, Istanbul Technical University, Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey 
2008    3rd International Art Festival, Dryanovo, Bulgaria
2008    Caucasian Culture Association, Adana, Turkey 
2007    Association Saint Henri, International Art Camp, Group Exhibition and Auction Sale, Saint Henri, France
2007    “October Passage VI”, Gallery X, Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    Üçhisar Group Exhibition, French Association of Culture, Istanbul, Turkey  
2007    “30 / 30 KARMA (ŞIK)”, The Marmara Art Gallery – Art&Life, Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    Gallery A, Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    Adana Caucasian Culture Association, “6th Exhibition of Traditional Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics” Adana, Turkey  
2007    “Caucasian Art and Cultural Heritage” – Belgian North-Caucasian 
Association / MuHKa Museum, Antwerp, Belgium
2007    Bağlarbaşı Caucasian Culture Association, “III Meeting of Caucasian Painters” Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    International Art Symposium and Group Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    International Art Symposium and Group Exhibition, Üçhisar, Turkey 
2006    “X-Trem-Ist 2” – Gallery X, Istanbul, Turkey 
2006    Caucasian Culture Association, “Meeting of Caucasian Painters” Adana, Turkey 
2006    “The Lost Languages of Kaf Mountain” – Caucasian Cultural Association, Adana, Turkey  
2006    Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul, Turkey  
2005    Moda Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey  
2005    Mersin University “October Passage IV” – Mersin, Turkey 
2005    Association Modern Art Museum (Modern-Ist) Gallery X, Istanbul, Turkey 
2005    “X -Trem-Ist” Gallery X Istanbul, Turkey 


Artistic Workshops and Meetings

2008    Invited to the Faculty of Fine Arts, El-Minia University for the International Workshop of Visual Arts.
2008    Invited to a workshop organized by the Egyptian El-Minia University, Faculty of Fine Arts and for a presentation: “Modern Art in Turkey”.
2008    Participated as a guest artist in Saint Moritz “Master of Arts” artistic events in Switzerland.
2008    Participated as the guest of honor in the 3rd International Arts Festival in Dryanovo, Bulgaria which is organized by Gallery Panev and Polycommerce-SG.
2007    Invited to Saint Henri Association Studio in Toulouse, France, to produce new art works as the Artist-in-Residence.


Some of the Movies She Participated as Producer, Director, Screenwriter:

2015           “Name: Human” – Movie, Eks Productions, Executive Producer
2012           “Jasem” – Introductory Film, Producer, Vişne Creative Agency, Director
2010           “Olimpos Resort” – Commercial Film, 30”, Agency: Pink House, Köln, Germany
2009           “Masuder Mineral Water” – Commercial Film, Nil Karaibrahimgil, TEAM MCC Advertising Agency, Agency Producer
2006           “Istanbul Metro” – Introductory Film and Image Film for Ulaşım A.Ş., SCD Advertising Agency, Producer
2006           “Kiptaş Residences” – Advertising Campaign, SCD Advertising Agency, Copywriter
2005-2006  Worked as screenwriter for several TV series.
2004           Directed the Introductory Film of Fiber Glass Industry. (Agency Team-MCC) Worked as a director for the corporate films made for ESSE Group, Mustafa Nevzat Medicine Industry, Danone “Career Days”, HC Trading, Koç Net Data Processing Systems.
1995-1998  Worked for Pak İletişim Reklamcılık Sanayi A.Ş. as director, screenwriter, copywriter. Worked for game shows such as Choose It, Playing House, Down and Up, etc. for the same company.
1989-1995  Worked for TVR Reklamcılık Televizyon A.Ş. as director and producer.
1995           In-house training films for Roche, Director – Producer
1988           “Altın” (“Gold”) (17’ Documentary – TRT), Director – Producer
1989           “Professor Ergin İnan” (20’ Documentary), Director – Producer
1990           “Nazar Boncuğu” (“Amulet”) (20’ Documentary), Director – Producer
1989           “Free Zones in Turkey”, Documentary film for Devlet Planlama Teşkilatı (State Planning Organization), Worked for Pak İletişim Reklamcılık Sanayi A.Ş. as Director
1989           “İş Bankası” films, Assistant Director – Producer
1988           Worked in art division of EKS Production, Director – Producer
1988           Worked for the Hollywood movie “The Favorite” for Production Designer Brian Ryman as Art Designer (Ascona Film Production)
1987-1988  Internship in TRT-2 television. Worked for the programs Midweek and Sunday Night.


Other Films and TV Shows She Worked Since 1986:

Selpak (commercial), Tamek (commercial), Marshall Paint (commercial), Midweek (music – entertainment), Sunday Night (music – entertainment), Kent Chocolate (commercial), Solo (commercial), Super Fresh “Ramadan” (commercial), Taste Corner (cooking show – Channel 6), Face to Face (TV show).