At the dawn of home computers, Kursad’s childhood interest in drawing morphed into a passion for pixel art and game graphics. Early 90’s, he got involved in the European demoscene, an underground computer/art subculture. He produced digital art and chip tunes, and designed real-time artworks (called demos). In 2010, he and his teammates in Glance won a scene.org award, the most prestigious achievement in demoscene.

He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Science in 2001.

Between 1998 and 2002, he worked as a 2D/3D Artist and a game designer on various game projects in various teams/companies. He was part of the original team that started Sobee Studios in 2004. During his 14-year tenure there, he wore many hats: Lead Technical Artist, Art Director, Lead Gameplay and Narrative Designer, Narrative Writer, and finally, Studio Director. He developed original PC IP such as Istanbul Doomsday, I Can Football, Supercan, and Signs of Destiny, with multiple titles and DLCs in each.

In 2018, Kursad and his two co-founders started Clay Token Game Studio, Inc, where he still serves as CEO and Game Director.